Wild Play ‘FEEL GOOD’ Kit List!

In order to get the most out of your day in the woodland, the following information is advisable in terms of what to wear/bring:


Being suitably dressed is really important if you are outside. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet so wearing the right clothing makes all the difference! Layers and older clothes are more suitable for woodland experiences.

We suggest…


• warm clothing top and bottom, in layers, so that you can shed/add a layer if needed and still be comfortable;
• hat and gloves
• a waterproof outer layer, top and bottom – waterproof coat and trousers ARE STRONGLEY ADVISED.
• waterproof shoes/boots in case it is wet/muddy.
• spare socks and a spare jumper
• a carrier bag to put any wet items in.


• layers of light clothing and something warm on top in case it is chilly…it’s always a bit cooler in the woodland.
• sun hat
• a waterproof coat if rain is forecast.
• waterproof shoes/boots in case it is muddy. Trainers are acceptable, as long as they are sturdy. Socks should be worn.
• We recommend light weight trousers/leggings to be worn in the Summer as protection from woodland materials, plants, and of course the sun…but a it’s a good idea to bring shorts with you!

Food & Drink

Lunch can be provided on all ‘Feel Good’ days; either Campfire Cooking or Luxury Lunch! We also provide tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water and squash.

If you are bringing your own packed lunch/drink/snacks please consider the following recommendations:
You will need sufficient food and drink to see you through the day so please make sure you have sufficient drinks: we recommend at least a litre of fluid, preferably water. You will also need:

• a mid-morning snack
• lunch
• afternoon snack