Corporate Packages

All of our packages are tailored to meet the needs of you and your team.

Ask yourself these questions and we’ll do the rest!

Which members of your team are you investing in and why?

o All staff
o Management Team
o Department Team
o Other

What are you aiming to get out of your “Feel Good” day?

o Time to relax
o Reflection
o Support mental health of colleagues
o Team building
o Crafts
o New skills
o Fun & games
o Think about a new project in a different environment
o Something else?

How would you like your team to be catered for?

o Campfire Cooking
o Luxury Lunch
o Bring your own

Are you looking for a one off ‘Feel Good’ day or a series of sessions?

Talk to us about all or any of the above and we’ll create a day that will leave your team ‘Feeling Good’