Feel Good Days


What makes you feel good?…a cheeky drink?…a tasty treat?…OR is it actually a whole lot more than that?

Join us in the woodland for a day that REALLY will make you and your team FEEL GOOD!

Research states that being amongst the ‘Green Stuff’ does have a positive impact on our health.

Support your employees and fulfil your duty of care. No matter what level individuals operate at, health and well-being in the workplace is a high priority for companies that care!

Welcome to Wild Play


Our aim is simple; working with people of all ages to enjoy the great outdoors & FEEL GOOD! There is no question that being outdoors is good for you.

Feel Good days enable you to get the TIME away from the stresses and strains of the fast pace life that most of us lead. TIME to redress the balance of the all-consuming digital world.


Bespoke Business Menu


Feeling good means different things to different people! That’s why we offer a totally bespoke service for our corporate clients. We specialise in meeting the requirements for you and your workforce; there is no set package. We offer Feel Good days for all levels of your team. Talk to us about what you need and we’ll do the rest!

Business Outdoors


Clear your head and the ideas will come! Away from the office and amongst the ‘Green Stuff’…you’ll feel & function so much better! Who says Board meetings can’t take place outdoors by the campfire?!

Keeping It Real!


We have vast experience of working with people of all ages, with differing circumstances and from all walks of life. We completely understand the pressures of data, deadlines and at times, the need to be diplomatic!…not to mention the need to juggle a home life too! We have the knowledge, skills and the right approach to ensure that your day in the woodland will help you to FEEL GOOD!